Our Programmes

Our Programmes

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    Colours, Shapes, Alphabets, Numbers, Rhymes, General, Awareness, sand play art & craft, ball, pool, educational toys, music,dance etc

  • Nursery

    Phonics, Letters, Valuable social skills, Numbers, Yoga, Exercise, Music, Promote cognitive development, Free play, Art and Craft Math, language skill development

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    Jr. Kg

    Offering child a window of opportunities to learn and grow with avtivities, Fun way to express themselves, Field trips are arranged to make learning more practicle, Reading, Writing, Maths, Art,Craft, Personal, Social, & Emotional developments, Math readiness, language and Phonics.

  • Sr. Kg.

    prepare them for school and life, Encourage to write short sentences, Make them more independent, Develop interest in books and reading, Build a strong foundation for all subjects


We Believe That

  • Children must be able to learn through experience of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.
  • Children have a relationship with other children and with material items in the world where they are allowed to explore.
  • Children have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.

A play or a pre- school is a social experience for children for their transition from home to school. The motive behind it--- children should be taken care of and nourished in “children’s Garden” like plants in a garden. Playing, activities, experiencing and social interaction are widely accepted as essential aspects of developing skills and knowledge. Our pre- school incorporates a curriculum that promotes learning through dance, music, story, drama, phonics, sand play, projects and adventure sports to work towards the development of kids at small age.